Sprintbit Playlist Manager Tutorial - Create Playlist  
To create a playlist please follow these steps:
(double clicking on a thumbnail image will open bigger image in a new window)
1. Use File Browser to browse your computer for media files.
2. Select your media files. You can also select folders with your files.
3. On Playlist Editor window toolbar click the Add Files button to add selected files to editor.
You can also add a media files by dragging selected files from the File Browser and dropping them onto a playlist editor grid area.
You are done, you have created a playlist. All files you have selected are listed in Playlist Editor.
What to next with this playlist?
1. You can save created playlist to disk for use with other programs.
    Please see the following tutorial: Save Playlist
2. Send it to Playlist Manager's database for further reuse and playback
3. Play files
4. Edit more, you can add more files, remove those you do not need, re-arrange files order.
If you have any more question please send an email to us:

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