Sprintbit Playlist Manager Tutorial - Save Playlist  
When you have your media files arranged in Playlist Editor the you can save them
as playlist to disk.

To save a playlist please follow these steps:
1. On Playlist Editor window toolbar click the Import & Export tab
2. Now you can make a choice which playlist to save; all playlists that are listed in Playlist Editor or just only one.
    To make a selection please select one of the following options:

Selected Playlists

When you select this option then only selected playlists will be exported or saved
To select a playlists you want to save select just one item within a particular playlist or playlist title row
All Playlists
When you select this option then all playlists will be exported or saved
3. Click on To Disk menu


To Disk

Here are two buttons


To Disk
Click this button to save selected or all playlist to disk
When a playlists you are going to save are new and does not exist on disk then they will be saved
to current File Browser folder, otherwise they will be saved to theirs original locations.


Save To Disk As

Click this button to show dialog window and save playlist to disk.

A dialog window will be opened where you can choose a folder in your computer where to save playlist
and you can also give the different name for your playlist.

Also if needed you can choose from drop down menu (Save As Type) in dialog window
different playlist format. See
save as dialog window picture below:


More information:
By default Sprintbit Playlist manager creates playlist in its editor in native SMP format. To learn more about
other playlist formats please visit this page.
If you have any more question please send an email to us:

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