Software Activation

How to retrieve the license key

If you have lost your license key or for some reason our email with the key cannot reach you, then you can get your key from your account at our web store.
Here is the tutorial that describes how to retrieve the license key.
In any other cases if you need help please send an email to

I have license key, but I do not know how to activate my software, what to do?
Please see the following Software Activation Tutorial which shows how to activate the software

I cannot activate the software - license key does not work
If you have problems with activation the software over the Internet, please make sure that:

1. Copy or paste your license key into an activation window instead of typing, some users making a mistake when typing. The most common mistakes are like replacing 0 with O or 8 with B etc.

2. When typing please keep the key’s format. If you license key is for example D0D81B64-1F40-45FF then use the dashes as well, do not add any extra spaces.

3. There might be just simple human error on our side as well. We also entering your key to us sever database. Please contact us to compare the license keys.

4. The most important thing is that the software must be able to communicate with our server!
    Please check if your computer has Internet connection, is not blocked by any of your antivirus programs or firewall. Turn off antivirus software if you are not sure how to add
    the software to  antivirus firewall  exception list.

5. If you still have a problem try to run the software As Administrator to avoid being blocked or not having enough of permission on your computer to do the things.
    If you do not know how to run the software as administrator Google for 'Run Software as Administrator'. Is very easy but how to do, but how it depends on your operating system.
    Basically you need to select software icon on desktop, click right mouse button and from menu click Run As Administrator

6. If there is an error message shown during activation please send the screenshot or text message to us. 

If you still cannot activate the software, please try again after a while, our server may be down or overloaded (most unlikely).
Finally contact us at if you are still unable to activate.
Please send any information in English language.

How to renew and reactivate the subscription for Visual Lottery Analyser Online Numbers Download
If you are licensed user of Visual Lottery Analyser and your subscription for downloading drawings has come to an end, you can renew your subscription at any time.
Please visit our store to order the subscription for another year or more.

To reactivate your subscriptions simply activate Visual Lottery Analyser again using your current license key. Did not you get email from us?
Here is the tutorial that describes how to re activate the software.