Thank you for ordering our software!

  • All orders placed and paid by credit card are subject to verification and settlement
    Orders are processed same day and you should receive email with license key at the evening
    In some cases when our payment processor will not settle the transaction with your credit card issuer as soon as possible then you will get the key next day.
    Orders placed on weekeed are most likely to settle on the next day
  • All orders placed via PayPal are processed after PayPal sends the notification about payment received.
    You should receive email with license key shortly after that. Usually happens within one hour.
  • All other orders with Money Order or Purchase Order will be processed as soon as payment are received. You will receive an email with license key.
  • When you purchased software on DVD it will be shipped next day morning. USPS tracking will be posted in your account at our web store
    License Key is printed on back of DVD case.

Special note for users of or other free email accounts:
Because their anti-spam or other security reasons our emails sometimes are not being delivered to such accounts, you should add our domain to your white list .
If you will not receive an email with license key please see below how to get your key from your account, also you can always write to with help request.

How to retrieve license key or tracking number from your account:

  1. Go to your account
  2. Enter your username or email used during purchase and password. Log in into your account.
  3. Click Order History on Your Account menu. All your orders will be listed.
  4. Under Action menu click on Order Information icon order info icon to view your order details
  5. At the bottom of order information page your license key and / or tracking information is posted.

Software Download

If you ordered our software without installing it first on your computer please follow these steps

  1. Visit our Download page to download the software
  2. Apply your license key as described in Software Activation section of this web site