Software Activation Tutorial

To activate your software over the Internet please follow these steps:

This tutorial is based on Visual Lottery Analyser's interface but applies to all our programs as they share activation procedure.

1. On the top of the software main window click the Software tab





2. Click the License Status button

3. A License Status window opens:













4. Into a License Key text box please enter or paste key that is printed on the back of DVD case or from your email

   The key must be in exact format as you have it , with all dashes and no spaces added
   Please make sure to not mistake 8 with B or 0 with O when typing, the best method is just copy and paste a key into the text box
   The small icon on the right side is for pasting the key from Clipboard

5. Click the Internet Activation button to activate the software.


Please be patient, it may take a while on slow connection. After successful activation you should see the following confirmation message:






If you see message like that please try again later as your order has not been processed yet

If you will see any other message than these shown above, please contact us by sending an email to