Visual Lottery Analyser introduces new innovative tool to analyze lottery games, just named Visual Analyser.


If you want to analyze some numbers to see how they occur, you can count them yourself or use lottery software.

Usually you will receive strings of numbers shown in a rows or columns of numbers. In our program you will see how the numbers occurs visually.


The Old Way - Example 1

Let's try to analyze number 1 and number 2, how often these numbers have been drawn in the past drawings?

If not been drawn then we can write 0, if yes then we can write 1, in the result we receive:

Number 1: 0,0,1,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,1

Number 2: 0,1,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,0


All that is not readable nor conclusive, do not you agree, and how fast you can draw some conclusion based on such bunch of numbers?


The New Way - Example 1

Here below is a screenshot of Visual Analyser window (just a small part of it) with results of analysis of numbers

1 and 2 in past drawings.


This is a graphical diagram. How to read it, you may have already just realized that.

For each analyzed number there are assigned two horizontal rows (0) and (+)



When analyzed number has not drawn them the black point is in a row (0)

When analyzed number has been drawn them the black point is located in a row (+)

Simple, you see now numbers as a wave of points that represents number occurrences.


The Old Way - Example 2

Let's try to analyze some group of numbers, how often numbers have been drawn from the group in the past drawings?. If not been drawn then we write 0, if yes then we write the quantity, so we receive:



Also, this string of number does not say much.


The New Way - Example 2

Here below is a screenshot of Visual Analyser window (just a small part of it) with results of analysis of numbers from horizontal line 1.



How to read the diagram above?

There are no occurrences of single numbers analyzed but quantity of numbers drawn from a certain group of numbers. For example, analyzed line is a first horizontal line of game Little Lotto and there are numbers 1,8,15,22,29


When no number is drawn from analyzed group of numbers then point is in a row (0)

When one number is drawn from analyzed group of numbers then point is in a row (1)

When two numbers are drawn from analyzed group of numbers then point is in a row (2) etc.


How to interpret the diagram

When you are looking on diagram look from the left to the right side. The last drawing is on the right side.

In the picture there are shown 34 past drawings, but you may analyze hundreds of them and scroll the view.


Now getting back to our sample analysis of occurrences of numbers in the first horizontal line of Little Lotto game


In our example diagram picture above we may notice that from horizontal Line 1 (numbers are 1,8,15,22,29 see the Ticket View picture, numbers circled in green)

only one number is occasionally drawn.

That means that from time to time only one number either 1 or 8 or 15 or 22 or 29

is drawn.  It also means that now, there are no 2 numbers drawn from this line at all. Not to mention 3 some numbers.


Therefore, if you are going to buy lottery ticket that will have some 3 numbers from that line, certainly your chances to hit the jackpot are lost.


How to predict what would happen in the future drawing?

Basing on that diagram view, what do you think, where the next point will appear

after the future drawing?

We would bet that at the row (0), no numbers will be drawn from that line at all.

The point at row (1) appears occasionally and is never repeating after one

occurrence. So, there are high chances that any of these numbers 1,8,15,22,29

is going to be drawn in the next, future drawing.




More diagram interpretations

Not always situation is rather clear as in example above. Everything depends on a game layout, how many of game numbers are drawn etc. Everything changes from drawing to drawing. The lottery game shows its real face.

How to interpret the diagram and draw some logical conclusions when diagram looks like that:




Above is a screenshot of Visual Analyser window (just a small part of it) with results of analysis of occurrences of

Contact numbers in a Little Lotto game in general.


First let's look on our sample Ticket View picture, especially the Contact numbers because we are going to analyze them.


Now let's interpret the diagram above. First conclusion is that the drawings

always include Contact numbers. So, we cannot ignore that knowledge, and, in our ticket, we must include some of them.


If you are going to buy lottery ticket that does not include any of Contact numbers or you got a ticket with number like

(4,19,22,30,35 - all Outside numbers as you may see in the example picture)

you losing all the chances to hit the jackpot.


However, we do not know how many of them will be drawn but good news is that they will be for sure.


The analysis results may be narrowed to be more accurate, but this in the next topic.




Using diagrams, you can analyze all kind of numbers, lines, blocks, group of numbers that are available to analyze in Visual Lottery Analyser. You can analyze Hot, Cold, Contact, Outside, Odd and Even numbers separately and in any combination of them. To see that all, you just must to run the software and see it yourself.


Visual Analyser does have a lot of pages, each including few diagrams.

There are hundreds of diagrams to go through. You however can use only a portion of them, it is up to you.

You can really analyze lottery game thoroughly if you go by all of them. You can have the general picture

of the future drawing, which numbers might be drawn most likely and which rather not.


It seems to be very time consuming task to use this feature to choose the numbers.

Nowadays we do not have too much time to do this all, but, do not forget that Visual Lottery Analyser is computer software and as such it will do the entire job for you in seconds.


You can use Create My Tickets or Tickets Advanced Generator to create numbers that will match analysis criteria, fast and easy.


For better diagrams visibility we are dimming out those diagrams that are not in use for current analysis.
When some functions, numbers or group of numbers are not currently on the ticket in their configuration then appropriate diagrams will be dimmed out.

As you see on the picture below when numbers 2 and 3 are not currently Cold numbers then theirs diagrams will be grayed-out.
In that way you can skip looking on them, and just concentrate and look on diagrams that currently are valid for analysis


Please note that the grayed out diagrams, are showing the status of last lottery numbers (drawings) only!