Lottery games sometimes changes their properties, not always update of the whole Visual Lottery Analyser installation is released just to cover those changes.

Here are three methods you can use to update your game properties

  1. You can edit game properties directly at My Games window, this is the simplest method.
    Click on a game’s card Properties or Layout tab (under game icon) and then enter new numbers. Open a game again.

  2. Download just the database file from our server, use this option to manually replace the database file
    Latest world games database file is available to download here

    Normally it is in your documents folder \ Sprintbit Software Databases \ Visual Lottery Analyser folder, the file is named WorldLottery.sdf
  3. Download installer that will install it to its default folder automatically
    Latest world games database installer is available to download here


If you use method 2 or 3 then after downloading either manual or installation, follow these steps

  • Close the software
  • Run downloaded WorldGames.exe file to install the database or replace manually single .sdf file
  • Start the software
  • Delete the game you want to update from My Games window
  • Add game again from World Games window